West Seattle Rolfing is not as far away as you might think – 10 minutes from downtown!

Over the past few months I have had the privilege of talking with lots of folks in the greater Seattle area about Rolfing® and my newly opened practice in West Seattle.  I’m delighted at how many people know about Rolfing already and/or are interested in learning more about the possibilities Rolfing may bring.  While I am still working on explaining what the heck Rolfing is to people, I have also been noodling on how to address the perception of how far away West Seattle is.  I have lived all over Seattle since moving here in 1997: downtown, Capitol Hill, Madison Valley, Greenlake/Phinney Ridge, and Ballard and while I lived in all those places, I too thought West Seattle was so far from the rest of Seattle.  “I have to take a bridge to get there, right?” is what I used to say.

But it’s not as far as you might think.  I swear.  From downtown Seattle you can drive and be at my office in 10 minutes; you can catch a bus and be at my office in as little as 25 minutes!  Of course during rush hour it can take longer, but longer journeys are normal during rush hour no matter where you are heading.

Free and ample street parking: we have this too!  So when you arrive you won’t have to hunt for parking and hike for blocks.

So I’ve updated my Contacts & Direction’s page with what I hope might provide useful information on travel times and directions both for driving and busing.