Suzanne K.

from her posting on West Seattle Rolfing's Yelp page in July 2017

I first went to Jeanne a year and a half ago. I have worked with many highly skilled massage therapists over the past 30 years after back surgery (with no PT afterward, which I've paid for in pain ever since). I also studied ballet for more than 10 years, and jogged for decades. All of these put together created many chronic issues that my movement patterns didn't help. With the best massage therapists, I was able to get through two weeks between appointments until the pain made it difficult to focus on my work or enjoy a pain free walk in my neighborhood.

I heard about Rolfing in the 1970's but it was known to be very painful. After driving past Jeanne's West Seattle Rolfing sign in front of her building for a couple of years, I decided to look into Rolfing, hoping it had been updated for long term benefit without the pain. Jeanne's reviews were excellent and the more I looked into Rolfing, the more it sounded like it could be a real solution for me.

I made my first appointment in early 2016. From the moment I started working with Jeanne, I knew she was a good match for me. She is extremely knowledgeable and continues taking advanced Rolfing courses to constantly enhance her understanding of how she can best support her clients at a deeper level.

She is quite different from the massage therapists I've gone to -- instead of ongoing work with no end, Rolfing is designed to help most people in about 10 sessions. For me, that's not the case because of the chronic nature of my issues. But because of her remarkable work, I am now able to go monthly instead of every two weeks, and have even gone as long as six weeks between appointments.

Jeanne came to Rolfing after a long and successful career in tech. She chose Rolfing as a calling and it shows in her exceptional skills and dedication to advanced training.

Her office is so comfortable, clean, and filled with natural light from all the windows --  which open (fabulous in the warm months!).

I am no longer in pain even when it's been six weeks since my last appointment, which is a miracle. To be able to get through four or even six weeks is something I could not imagine before discovering her. As a major added bonus, the people she has referred me to are as exceptional as she is.

She is a very gifted healer and I am so very grateful to have found her.

Tracy Poole

Runner, hiker, business owner and mom

Jeanne is very engaged in her work, incredibly present and is respectful and kind. Working with Jeanne feels very much like a partnership and I learned so much about my body from each session. I really connected with her and as a client you are very much a participant in the Rolfing process. It was amazing to have her work on part of my body and I could feel the movement in a totally different area. After each session I felt taller, more fluid and very balanced.   As a runner, it had a very noticeable effect on my breathing and stride. Numbness in my left arm disappeared. What a gift to myself to go on this journey and to have Jeanne as my guide. Highly recommend!!!!

Bettina S.

IT professional, winter sports instructor, enjoys biking and Pilates- all with a bionic ankle and a bionic hip!

Working with Jeanne was a great experience. She encourages her clients to share their own personal health and body story and listens carefully. After each session, I would feel the difference in my body alignment. And the effects of her work are long lasting: I wore a pair of shoes the other day from the previous season which I hadn't worn in half a year, with the heels worn out from my misaligned stance. Putting them on months after Jeanne's work felt like putting myself in my old, less comfortable body.

Leslie B.

rom her posting on West Seattle Rolfing's Yelp page in January 2017

I went in to see Jeanne for pain in my right arm.  I have seen her 2 times and my arm is about 95% healed!!  I plan on going for more sessions because each time I leave there I feel SO much better.  Jeanne is very patient, informed, professional, kind and friendly.  She answers any questions that you have and spends a lot of time getting to know what is concerning to you.  I am so happy that I found Jeanne!!!

Wendy P. 

from her posting on West Seattle Rolfing's Yelp page in March 2017

I have worked with Jeanne this past year.  I purchased her 10-series and I have loved the structural integration work, though sometimes it's intense.  She is sooo knowledgeable about the human body, it's amazing.  Now that I'm 32-weeks pregnant, I still go to Jeanne, and I feel like she creates more "space" for my little one.  It's hard to describe, but my body feels more straight and aligned after leaving her office.

Brian T.

from his posting on West Seattle Rolfing's Yelp page in February 2017

I had never been exposed to Rolfing until I met Jeanne personally.  Now having had many sessions with Jeanne, I have to look back and wonder how much better my life may have been if I had done so earlier?

Being an active over 50 individual (more than 30 years of resistance training, power lifting, CrossFit, hiking, playing sports, etc..) I find my sessions with Jeanne to provide immediate improvements in not only how my body feels but also the range and freedom of movement.

Having experienced multiple shoulder and knee surgeries I was of the belief that my range of motion was "fixed" and could not improve (at least that's what the physical therapists implied), NOT SO!!  My range of motion noticeably improved in just a few sessions and continues to do so.

Not only are the sessions beneficial but Jeanne also takes the time to explain integrating your bodies movement, posture and motion into your consciousness.  Having this knowledge and awareness has and continues to help me on a daily basis.

Jeanne is a gifted healer and an individual of great quality. My personal results have been so gratifying I am on a regular schedule with Jeanne now!

"My heartfelt thanks goes to these clients, who share their Rolfing® experience in their own words."

Jeanne Vadnais

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